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Thread: Need some input on DD please....

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    Default Need some input on DD please....

    I'm not sure where exactly to go with this but I thought I'd start here.

    DD is 6 months old and she is having problems with her right hand. At first, I thought, perhaps, she was just a lefty. But as she is getting older the disparity between what her right hand and what her left hand can do is become more and more pronounced.

    Her right hand remains fisted about 60% of the time. She CAN flex her fingers and open her palm, just seems to choose not to. If she grabs a toy it is with her left hand. If she involves her right hand at all it is usually with a closed fist to bat at the toy being held in her left.

    I will hold an object of interest (i.e. toy, crumpled paper, etc.) over on her right side in an attempt to get her to engage the right hand. Sometimes she will bring up the right and and try to grasp the object and may even catch it but it will automatically go into the left and then the right hand will fist up again to bat at the toy.

    I had her in the bumbo seat and was holding a candy wrapper (she likes crinkly paper) over on her right side. She about twisted herself out of the chair trying to get her left hand over to grab at that paper when her right hand was just 1/2 inch away.

    It is really starting to bother her and she is getting extremely frustrated that she is unable to manipulate her toys into her mouth. I've tried to give her a two handle sippy cup to practice with and she so desparetly wants it, just can't manage a two fisted grasp. She'll hold one of the handles with her left hand but will just bang away with a closed fist on the other handle all the while chasing the spout of the cup with her mouth. Eventually, she'll bang on the sippy hard enough and the spout of the cup goes ramming into her mouth and she'll gag and then cry with frustration.

    The same thing happes with those plastic toy rings that you can link together. I'll have 4 or 5 of them snapped together and she tries so hard to get one in her mouth, but, again, it's with the ring held by the left and and the closed fisted right hand batting away.

    If we are in the tub and I pour water into her left hand she will uncurl her fingers and try to grab at the water. If I do the same on her right hand, it remains fisted.

    The part that confuses me the most is that she CAN open the hand, uncurl the fingers and even flex them. And, sometimes, she'll do that while lying under the playgym or holding my fingers as I give her a bottle. So why can't she manage a two fisted grasp of anything?

    I'm not sure what this means?????

    In all other ways she seems to be developing normally -although I would say on the back end of normal. She has rolled from back to belly, but not yet from belly to back. This could be from lack of floor time as she truly hates being on her belly and will pretty much cry after about 30 seconds of belly time. She doesn't sit unassisted, but will sit with help from me. She is grasping for everything within reach (with her left hand anyway). She smiles, laughs and is babbling (all vowels still, no constanents yet). Great eye contact, very social and sleeps like a champ. We've just started working on solids and she doesn't really seem all that interested yet.

    Anyone have any input, ideas, etc? I have an appt with her ped next week for her 6 month well visit. He wasn't that concerned at her 4 month well-baby (which was actually done when she was 5 months old). I'm just not sure how to push this with him or even how to go about it if he says it's still in the range of normal.

    Thanks for the input -

    hugs -

    lisa & anika (09.28.06)

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    Default Lisa, push your pedi for an evaluation with Early Intervention. Trust your instincts

    I always say, if there's no need for therapy - it'll be a relief. If there IS a need for therapy, it'll be a relief to have it sooner rather than later. You may also ask for a referral to a pediatric neurologist just to see what's going on with the right arm.

    EI evaluations usually take a little time to set up, so don't we know the waiting is always the worse part!

    In the meantime, I would keep doing what you've been doing. Trying to entice your dd to use her right hand as much as possible. Also, check her vision, cover one eye with one hand and then the other to see if she has a full range of vision, and is using both eyes.

    HTH! Hugs! Nancy (It took 3 pedis to listen to me, I felt my dd wasn't using her body fully. The first two kept telling me to wait and see, the third sent me on for an eval with EI! Phew! It sure was nice to have some help for dd!)....

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    Default Here's my gut feeling (m)

    I'd take her to a dev ped or a ped neuro no matter what the ped says next week.

    I say this for two reasons: First and foremost, you are concerned about it and I hear even more worry and anxiety as I read btw the lines of your post. Any time a mom feels this way she should go with it and bypass anyone's suggestions to the contrary. No "wait and see" or "range of normal" if that's not in your gut feeling.

    Second, this does sound odd to me, the fisting and batting with one hand. Even though she has shown she can grasp with it, it still does not sound right to me.

    My take: I had several peds and EI tell me my ds was in the normal range WRT his low tone (something evident at birth). Well technically he is. But finally we had a full eval a few months ago at age nearly 5 (for several issues) and we are at least reassured that he has low tone, that it is mild, and that he has compensted well for it. He does not have a disorder or some reason to think he has a dystrophy or a brain tumor or whatever other disorder my mind could come up with on a sleepless night!

    Now when he falls or can barely swing a baseball bat at age 5, I am not filled with worry...I just know that's how he is and I have let go of the fear of the unknown. That's what the eval gives info and releases you from the gnawing worry deep down.

    Let us know what happens!

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    Default Hi, I'd get an eval

    If for nothing else to ease your mind.
    IMHO it could be nothing at all to worry about. However, if it is something, you will find out now when she can get some help.

    Just my 02c


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    Default You've gotten great advice

    Follow your instincts always. If you're wrong, no big deal, but if your right and nothing was done, then you're going to feel AWFUL. EI eval is no big deal...actually it's a lot of fun. I'm hoping that Reese14 sees this post because her DS had an issue w/ his arm/hand too, and she'd know the route you should take.

    I'm going to call her right now.

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    Default We went thru this with DS

    When he was born, his right arm stayed fisted and by his side much of the time. I kept telling the ped something was wrong, he kept saying he was fine. After my 3rd time saying something was very wrong, the ped told me "Look, I see nothing wrong but since you are adamant, you must be seeing something I am not and the mother is usually right, so you need to see a neurologist"

    We took DS to a neurologist and he was diagnosed with Erb's palsy, basically nerve damage in his arm causing weakness. He would always try to get things with the right hand (it is his dominant hand) and then realize it didn't work so well so would hand them off to the left hand. He was unable to raise his arm above shoulder level when in a sitting position. We got him into EI very young, at around 4m old and also did private OT from time to time to keep an extra eye on it. He is 3 years old and no one can even tell (aside from me and his OT and doctors) that anything is remotely wrong. He has become lefty and is trying to figure out how to do things lefty, and is doing a great job with that too.

    I definitely recommend seeing a neurologist or orthopedist to start with to see if something is wrong, maybe just weakness in that arm, or maybe just a preference. But I would investigate further because if it is something like what my DS has, the earlier they work with them, the better.

    Feel free to email me if you want if you have more questions.

    Good luck!

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    Default Pashari, Lindasygirl responded to you on PAI, including..

    a pic and some info! (She can't post over here).

    HTH! N

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    I think given your concern, and evaluation by either EI or someone other than regular Pedi is warrented. Please update us, goodluck

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    my ds was this way at birth...he was a blue baby and emergency csection at 34wks. in his case, it was/is cerebral palsy affecting his right side. an mri confirmed it as well even though the area damaged is the occipital region. he just turned 6 and out sports most of the the 5-8yr olds in our network of kids. he isnt that great with basketball though.

    he does have other issues not related to his (very mild cp) that i post more about here. there are many reasons you child could be doing this...but seeing a neuro and/or getting an OT/pt eval from EI cant do anything but help. hugs

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