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Thread: Huge breakthrough with Ame.....

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    Christine S Guest

    Default Huge breakthrough with Ame.....

    Not even sure where to post this, but I think you guys will understand best.

    She asked me to help her study for a test on electricity. I start quizzing her and it's obvious she has no clue. She seems a bit off as well.

    I asked her to go back and study more and then I'd help. She started getting upset and tearing up, but I explained that it's HER job to learn it, my job to help. If she knows none of it now then she's got to go back and do her part. When she is ready, I'm glad to help quiz her. I also suggested she move on to something else for a bit and go back to the quiz stuff.

    Oddly enough, she took my advice. I'd expected to check back on her and find her sobbing. Nope.

    But there's more....

    So she comes back to me and I'm quizzing her again. She's obviously looked over the material again, but it's also obvious she is trying to recite word for word each definition. And when she cannot remember every word she gets confused and can't answer. We finally get to a diagram of an open circuit vs. closed circuit. I tried to get her to explain it to me and she did well enough that *I* understood somewhat. But I knew she had no clue what she was saying.

    I ran her upstairs and we grabbed Ans' Care Bear that sings when you connect the hands. (hmmm...metal to metal....therefore closing that cirucuit and creating a flow of electricity....) I showed her the concept with the Care Bear and you could just see that light bulb turning on in her head. Whoopeee..... We used the Care Bear for the rest of the studying and RE-explained all the answers. I'm pretty sure she got it all. She just needed to SEE what she was learning.

    What makes me so proud is not that she got it, but that we were able to turn what was pottentially a VERY frustrating situation into something fun. We both had a great time figuring it out and learning about it. No more frustrations at all.



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    Great Job MOMMY!!! I hope she aces the test. Really helpful to know how she learnes. I often need see things to understand.


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    KaylieS Guest


    Way to go mom and dd!!

    That's great!!! Those a-aha moments make it all worthwhile, huh?

    That's teh fun of homeschooling, btw...getting to do those (the not fun part is when you can't escape drudgery and have to yell, like reading time!)


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    Default Very cool!

    Very smart! That is such a success, being able to turn the situation around, both of you!


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    thanks for sharing, how wonderful

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    Default Wow, great job mom and dd!!!

    i bet she does great on the test!

    way to turn it around mom!!!


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