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Thread: going rate for an aid?

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    Default going rate for an aid?

    Here is the deal -
    dd ella has a GREAT EI school aid that EI pays for - 2 hours, 3x a week at ella's school. WE LOVE HER> (she is the only thing that EI does that is of value at this point)

    I talked to her yesterday about hiring her privately in the summer for one or two afternoons a week and she agreed!!!!! yipeee!!

    So, she is a special ed aid - i am not sure of what other titles she has - but i do not think she gets paid very well from EI, even though she should be paid a lot, as she is really good.

    So, I am clueless- I will ask her what her rate is - but I am wondering now about the going rate - I hope it is not like $50 an hour or something!!! If I could afford it, I would pay it though!


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    My local school district pays $12+ per hour. I know this because I've seen the postings for sp. ed aides on the website and it lists the hourly rate. The base pay is (I think) about $10.50 and for the extra sp. ed training they get $12.20 and up. I'd ask her what she feels would be a fair rate to work with you over the summer.

    FWIW we pay a regular babysitter about 8-10/hour for the 2 kids and they don't have any extra training, so 12-13 seems very reasonable to me.

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    our classroom aides start ay 17 an hour, this includes benefits like retirement and health insurance. This is in a public school system that is failry affluent.

    Privately, the sides work for families at home and make anywhere from 12-20 an hour.



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