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Thread: A brag.....

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    Default A brag.....

    DD 3.8 yrs, ASD (pdd-nos), SID, Anxiety, etc

    LOVES her ballet class -She's been doing it for about 5 weeks.
    Today we got the class newsletter and our dd was "featured" as a "Star Student!"
    "As one of the newest students, 3 yr old Ella has a sense of music and a passion for learning new things. She is soaking up all the new things around her and has a sparkle in her eye no matter what we are doing in class"
    "ella has learned so much in just this short time. I can tell she is more comfortable with the other girls and with being creative. She is such a sweet girl!"

    I cried.

    I know that you all understand what an incredible feeling it is when our SN kids are fitting in, and doing a better job than a typical kid!

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    Default Good for her, you must be so proud

    I just LOVE little girls in ballet class, too stinking cute.

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    Thats awesome. its so good when you can find something that they just love. i should put jacob into an art class because he does so well when he is doing art projects.


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