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Thread: How do I afford speech therapy?...m

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    Default I know you are frustrated

    Quote Originally Posted by trek
    Ugh. I really do nto have anyone to help after school. All my close friends work fulltime. Others have children at different schools(private,etc.). You cannot do afterschool care at elmentary just 1 day a week. There is limited # of spaces. We cannot afford after school care at daycare center.

    I suppose we will have to assume a debt-we just live off one incomce, and save,save for retirement.

    I feel it is NOT right to subject older ds during his 8 weeks summer break to being in a car 2x a week going into a tiny office(there is no waiting room at the clinic-it is just a room in daycare center). This is a satelite office-the actual clinic is even farther from my home-try 48 miles one way. I am okay with hauling him along 1x a week-I have to for Holt's sake.

    Thanks again
    Is there anyway you could make the trip more fun for your older DS like renting movies, bringing a new Gameboy game, going out for ice cream , reading some books together or creating a scavenger hunt while younger DS is in ST? I think he'll be okay with the car ride, as long as you are...

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    Our OT has a cheaper rate for those that pay cash. Still costs me $100/hr but at least it's not $150. I work part time so my entire salary goes to preschool and therapy costs.

    Our therapists offer 30 min, 45 min sessions to those paying cash as well to cut the costs. I go in with Ellie each time and take notes on what they are doing and then replicate at home.

    Hugs. I am in insurance appeal land right now.

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    You need to get EI to pay for the private therapy. If they have noone, then they need to pay for the person you find....

    Alternatively, Do you live near a university? mayber you could get grad students in speech to come out and do therapy in your home as a part of their clinical hours?

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    Now that is a thought. I was told that that EI will NOt pay for a clinic that does NOT have a contract with them. Hmmmm...
    I will research that soon

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    That is great he is repeating now.

    That's progress. I don't have to pay for services yet (I have paid for DXs...well, sort of) and I know if it ever comes to it, we'll handle it. As you will. In the end, I think we all will be okay.

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