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Thread: 504 plan or health alert?

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    Default A suggestion...

    While your letter to the principal was informative, it did not ask seciffically for a 504 plan. Remember, when dealing with the school district, you must be very direct and specific.

    Therefore, I would high recommend writing a letter now and send it certified to the princial and the special ed department at the district specifically asking for the development of a 504 plan due to your son's medical dx. That way you can get the ball rolling to try to have it in place for the start of school.

    Here is more info about 504 plans...

    One thing to remember, 504 plans are a part of the ADA not IDEA or NCLB so if there is a breach, you have to file a complaint with the feds regarding a civil rights violation.


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    Default Thank you

    I actually did ask for a 504 plan, however I didn't include all that info in the posting here since it was just the boring details and not really necessary in explaining his diagnosis.

    I will check your link out. I appreciate it!

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    I dont' know about this sort of thing, but I wanted to wish you well.

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