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Thread: OK, this one stumps me...

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    Default OK, this one stumps me...

    I am back to teaching after several years off. I have a student who came to my school from another district in our state. In her old district, they do NOT test children for Learning Disabilities until grade 3 or higher. This means that a LD child has to sit in a classroom for 3 years before they get tested and identified. They DO get tutoring and "mentoring" by a special ed teacher or aide, but no IEP and no specific services until at least 3rd grade.

    I am baffled. I have a 3rd grader who cannot read at all, nothing, nada. She cannot do her other work (including math) because she cannot read. She is totally lost in our print-based curriculum. She may be ADD, but who could tell. She might also just be bored silly because she doesn't understand what's going on. She's a really nice kid. Parent seems helpful and supportive, and is fully willing to get whatever help is necessary.

    How does a school NOT test kids who so obviously need help? Anyone have any ideas here? Are there other school districts out there that seem to think that a LD will magically appear in 3rd grade?

    Just venting my frustration here. I'm sure you all have stories of the idiocies that schools put kids through to get them identified.

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    That is bizarre. In our district they test before grade 3 but its difficult to get the services because the discrepancy often isn't great enough. It makes me so mad but there are times where you can actually get the services to help these kids. The first grade requirements are ridiculous - if you can identify your name you don't qualify or something like that.

    I feel really bad for that child. I do hope you are able to get her help quickly and a lot of it. She will drop out of school at the first moment if she doesn't get intervention. Who would want to be there if you have absolutely no clue whats going on? It must be like trying to work in a foreign language that you have never heard before. Poor thing.


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    Oh, that is sooo sad. I am surprised that the parent did not do something sooner somehow. ?

    That is sooo sad though, the poor kid.

    A 2nd cousin of mine is about 24 years old and CANNOT READ. He went all of the way through school and GRADUATED without learning to read. I had no idea until a few years ago. Isn't it amazing that it can happen these days?

    He is a mess too. Not sure if the inability to read (LD?) caused the problems with the law he has had but I think it had something to do with it.

    His mother is a mess too, an alcoholic, and his father is even worse...abandoned him for cocaine and alcohol. But, i oregon white trailer trash.

    That is really sad though about the girl, but I have a feeling that you are going to help her.

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    Default This is exactly what would have happened to my dd...

    if we hadn't made the sacrifice to take her to a school 75 miles away from our home so she could learn. It is absolutely absurd. I think awareness that LD's can be treated early with better results is something new and our school district does now i.d. children in K and they get help. Hearing this story make my blood boil. Her parents need to take her ASAP to get a full educational evaluation done and then set up some very intensive work to try to help her get caught up. Unfortunately, statistics show that she'll most likely never be on the same level as her peers because of waiting until 3rd grade to intervene. Very very sad.

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