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Thread: Flouride worsening ASD symptoms?

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    Default Flouride worsening ASD symptoms?

    Hi everyone,.
    I belong to a enzymes and autism group and I mentioned that dd ella is on a flouride multivitamin. They said that flouride has been noted to make ASD symptoms worse. oh no!!

    I am going to take her off of it just in case....but has anyone ever heard this>?>?>


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    No, I haven't heard that. Ellie doesn't usually get a vitamin.

    Have you ever considered taking her to a DAN! doctor? I know they take a biomedical approach to autism and it sounds like Ella would be a good candidate.

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    Default ive heard that a few years ago when we

    started the biomed route. ds doesnt get flouride tx's at dentist and uses flouride free toothpatse or the good ole baking soda route. but his flouride levels are always thru the roof on labs....hugs

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    yep, we steer clear of fluoride here, too.
    We are doing a lot of biomedical intervention and taking the same precautionary measures as Mickey noted below.

    See if it makes a difference. Knock on wood, my kids' teeth have been in great shape so far.

    good luck,

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