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Thread: More vaccination talk...

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    Default More vaccination talk...

    Ellie had the first round of shots on a normal schedule.

    Then at 3.5 we got the ASD diagnosis.

    Now she is due for the booster shots - I believe there are 3 or 4?

    What did you all do? I do believe in vaccines medically, but I am having a hard time scheduling the appointment.

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    You can spread out the boosters. I think having a PEdi willing to work with you is key. We dealyed, Holt is still missing his MMR. I am not sure if he will receive it next month. I would prefer to wait.

    Keep us updated

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    your post reminded me....

    You know, Ella had all of the shots and then some it she was just 1 mo old and we were already giving them to her. I will never forget that after one large round of shots, she was MISERABLE and fitty and just plain hard to deal with for more than TWO WEEKS after the shots. A part of me wonders if that is what happened to my girl. I always felt like she was not the same after that round of shots. I kept hearing about the thermosal (sp?) NOT being in the shots and NOT being the cause of Autism, so I just let it go. Then after her dx with ASD, and SPD I read about the possibility of her immune system overreacting. argh.
    She is due for her hep a shot, and the flu far as i know we do not plan to do the hep a, but probably the flu shot. I think she is supposed to get one more MMR or something but I will never give it to her.
    I had one MMR shot as a kid and had like a 104 fever and my parents never gave me any more shots. Maybe I would have been ASD too if they had?
    Anyway, dd's 4 yr old check up is in a week or two, and this is going to come up. I will say I have religious issues if I have to. I DO NOT want to backpedal- Ella has come sooo sooo far, I can't imagine doing anything that might jepoardize her progress.
    I am confused though.

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    We spread them out too. Even within "accepted" medical practice, there is a range when the shots "have" to be given. We didn't get any flack, even from our conservative ped. Would that make you more comfortable?

    And of course with flu, we insisted on thimerosal-free.


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