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Thread: Bunk beds - would you get one

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    Default Bunk beds - would you get one

    I'm considering getting bunk beds but I'm really torn about it. The boys can be crazy and you hear about these horrible bunk bed stories. But on the other hand people have been sleeping in them for years and years. My kids are 4.5, 4.5 and 3.5.

    what are you thoughts on it.

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    Default Absolutely not

    Because all it takes is one incident to create a disaster. I'd pass.

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    We have them. They are currently un-bunked and used as twin beds. When they were bunked, no one wanted to sleep on the top bunk. It was fine for playing on, but "creepy up there" to sleep in (says my SNK). I want to replace them with a double bed.

    FWIW, we have had the bunk beds in the house for about 5 years (since kids were ages 1 and 4 respectively, maybe younger) and have never had even a minor accident involving them. I attribute that to not letting the kids play freely in that room, to my kids not being very mischievous as toddlers, to my kids being good climbers, and most of all to good luck. I wouldn't buy them again, though. Safety issues aside, they weren't that great.

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    Default we have bunks

    I was against it too... but when we were looking into sleeping options to help my lil guy we decided to go with bunks. My guy likes enclosed spaces and slept in his toybox. We found a bunk set that encloses the lower bunk.. and has a tent on the top. We were planning on cutting the legs off the lower bunk to make the height shorter, but when I saw the bunks... I decided against it and left as is. Right or wrong.. we have given it a try for the last 6 months. My lil ones are around the same ages... and honestly it has been overall fine. The funny thing in my ASD kiddo won't go up on top, so my lil guy has a refuge :o) I will be honest and say that he has been pushed off the ladder (almost to the top) but he was ok. That has been the only incedent... and my 3 year old loves being on top (and I admit I put some fear into him about playing up there and being safe LOL.. but I also have played up the fact that this is "his space" in the room.. and he LOVES that) I do feel safer with them seperated (we had more problems actually before the bunks) a whole seperate room would be better.. but we do what we can!

    Just our experience


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    Christine S Guest


    We've had them. We've also purposely taken them apart because we were afraid T would do something (either hurt himself or push his sister off). When we did have them up, we had VERY set hard tough rules about them. And I made it clear if ANYONE broke the rules, the beds would come down. (wouldn't you know it, ANSLEY was the one!!)

    We now have a bunk for Ans (though she doesn't sleep on top) and have not really had any issue. But I'd be REALLY careful. If you're just looking to get new beds right now, maybe get the bunks but keep them separated for a year or two.


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    Default No way ... not worth the risk! (m) ...

    I have bunks in my twin dd's room, but they are set up as 2 independent twin beds. It was just cheaper to purchase it that was, instead of 2 separate beds (don't ask my why - the salesperson was kind enough to point out the anomaly!). We have no intention of ever stacking them. It is just a risk I'm not willing to take. I've heard/read too many horror stories about it. You may have the most well-behaved kids, and impose the strictest of rules, but it only takes one brief moment for a tragedy to happen. It's not worth the worry for me.


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