The teacher issue is just a non-issue. She just didn't understand the correlation between the slight drop of grades being an indication of ADD symptoms coming back. We just sat down and explained what was happening...grades, confusion, lack of focus, meltdowns, etc. She doesn't see much of this in class because that is when Ame's meds work their best.

We had to make a few changes/additions to her 504. The Sp Ed director left off a couple things by accident (she's been swamped lately so I'm sure she was rushing through it). So we added those back, made sure we had the pencil grips in there and also added fidgets and gum. She's been chewing herself and picking at herself like crazy lately. Her poor fingers are all chewed up, she has two scabs that she won't let's really just awful.

We also discussed what I've been finding lately about her spelling. I am sensing that Ame isn't *hearing* all the sounds in each word. And if you listen to her pronunciation it's all goofy as well. So it's both sides there. She'd come home the other day saying they had a new student "Malayney". 3 days later she corrects herself and says it's (ummm...ummm...ummm...) "Melanie". This type of error is VERY common for her. Anyhow, the Sp Ed director said she's noticed several kids who may not KNOW those though they skipped the portion of school where you would learn them. Hmmm. So she's going to start by doing some simple testing to see if she's catching anything and we will likely do some phonics work with Ame over the next month.

She also mentioned it's possible it could be some sort of inner ear issue. She's known kids who have the sound sort of "bouncing around" inside their ears so it never comes through clearly. We will probably go to an ENT next month to have her checked out for any possible issues.

I think if none of the above turn up with anything we may need to do some testing on processing. Unfortunately the school doesn't have the resources to do this and not likely our insurance will pay either. That's why we're doing everything else we can first.

We'd started giving Ame a bit of caffeine in the AM and afternoon and that made a huge difference. She seems to be coming out of it (even on days she forgets the caffeine) so I'm guessing the downslide had more to do with her being slightly ill for a few weeks. Just something we need to keep an eye on over the winter I suppose.