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Thread: Our $6000 costume

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    Default Our $6000 costume

    I was joking with our OT about this yesterday. This is the first year Ellie would wear a costume and not be totally freaked out by Halloween. She's wanted to be a cat every year, but it was always a no go when the time actually came. No whiskers on the face, but maybe next year. She's wearing a turtleneck (never before) and had a tail too - you just can't see it.

    I got the official rejection letter yesterday regarding her OT - they denied it because it was "experimental" - WTF - experimental? I have our OT's office manager working on it to give me some ammo.

    It was worth every penny to see the joy that she got out of being a cat last night.

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    Cute kiddo! I still can't get makeup on my dd's face, and she's 12!

    Our OT was denied because it was NOT a medical treatment. Go figure.

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    What a great kitty I hear you on the costume things. No go with Holt for yet another year.

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    LMAO....Halloween gets expensive!

    She is too adorable. You must be SO proud she was able to get out there and trick or treat this year. It's those little things in their lives that are the biggest accomplishments for our kiddos.


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    What a cute kitty!!! I'm so happy she had so much fun just doing what other kids get to do. What a huge accomplishment.

    Good luck with the OT and insurance. Whether they pay or not you have made a huge investment in her future. It will be worth it.

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    Default So cute

    and very funny - $6000. Well, we do what we have to! She looked like she had a ball!! My DD went out as a kitty too and she took to my drawing on her face just fine. My DS (SPD) was a police officer and I had to re-cut his police vest because it was too itchy. He also took off his hat halfway around because he got too sweaty. The sunglasses were gone because he didn't want to wear them and lost them along the way. Still, he was a cutie! Glad our kids got to enjoy Halloween...and us too!

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    Default Worth every penny! She looks beautiful! It's so nice

    to see her making progress, in such a "tangible" way!!

    Hugs! N

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