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Thread: How Was everyone's TG?

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    Default How Was everyone's TG?

    Ours went well.

    We went to my parents house where my mom (with our help) cooks up a huge turkey, tons of stuffing, sweet tators, white tates, veggies, etc....and my man bakes the pies!!! YES, my man bakes pies!! He takes his mother/grandmotehr's recipes and makes everything from scratch. (his mom was a great pie baker, but she passed in 96, and since then DH has carried her pie baking torch). My mom is an excellent cook too, so people come every year and load up on her food.

    I love seeing my niece and nephew as well as my new grand niece who is just 2 mo old. Ella LOVES to hold her and is soo gentle with her.

    I ate too much and now all I want to do is eat more. !?!?!

    No shopping for us today. DH is working and Ella is not in a good shopping space if you know what i mean!


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    It was good. We went to my mom's. My Grandma was there (aged 88), my aunt and uncle, uncle's son, us. It was nice. Lots of good food, but hardly any leftovers. As expected, David wouldn't eat almost anything T'day. He did eat some cranberry jelly and some sweet potatoes, and he enjoyed the pumpkin pie. I guess that's some progress since those things are all new and different to him. Other than that, we're all wiped out today and just hanging around trying to get the energy to do stuff. I'm procrastinating on work things I need to get done for Monday.

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    Default Ours was good too

    but we didn't do too much. Lunch at International House of Pancakes and then dinner at a friends house. We ate too much of course!

    I missed being with all my family on the West Coast. Today we put up our Christmas Tree. It's a fake one and looks pretty good. I wish we could do a real one but I can't do all that by myself.

    I have been seeing more seizures with Savanna since we have cut out one of her medications and Sierra is showing some self esteem issues lately. I feel like crud after getting off my diet so badly so I'm a little impatient. But still, we are having a good holiday weekend!


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    Ours was good, Ellie wouldn't eat anything except the fruit and crackers that were out, but that is to be expected with her! It was 78 degrees here so they played outside most of the day with friends. I swear that is the best therapy - just running and playing outside.

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    Default Ours was so nice....m

    My Dad and stepmom came in from out of town and a good friend, her dh and ds came as well. We hardly ever have other children around on holidays unless we're lucky enough to be with my sister and her twins who are in BOston. So it was great to have my friend's ds who is the same age as mine, and who has mild autism which makes it so much less stressful. It's so hard to have playdates or spend time together with others who have typical kids because I find I'm always either apologizing for or explaining my son's social oddities, but this way, they both fit right in with each other. It was blissful!

    Hope others answer as well as everyone gets back into the swing of things.

    - Julie

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    Default Calm and Boring! Yay! We had a very quiet

    easy Thanksgiving at my mom's! Me, Leela, my sis and my mom! Simple food so lots of time to just relax and be a family!

    Leela held a seance to contact the spirit of our adopted Grandma who died this spring - we were really missing her - and it was a cute way to honor her and feel her presence - with Leela's typical dramatic touch.

    Then, Leela wanted some Salsa music on so she could show us her new Latin Dance moves, lol! (Thank you to Dancing with the Stars for being her inspiration!)...It was a great after show, lol!

    As a family over the weekend we saw Enchanted - LOVED it! - and also saw an Irish Tap dancer - again inspiration for new dances moves for Leela. THe show was called TapEire at the New Victory theater for kids - it was great craic, as the Irish like to say!

    Hugs all! N

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