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Thread: the maple syrup urine smell in babies and mito

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    Default the maple syrup urine smell in babies and mito

    Ok, I haven't been around forever and just killing a few minutes today. Life has been crazy. Anyway...

    I was reading the mito posts below and was surprised how many of you mentioned the maple syrup smell in the diapers. We had that, too. Of course, I knew about maple syrup urine disease and we took Tanner to our ped who had him tested and tested for diabetes as well. Of course, he didnt' have it and the smell went away. But, I have always wondered about that and am surprised how many others with similar problems have had that smell. Hmmmmm....... Are there other mito disorders that can cause it???

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    I thought I was the only one - so glad to know I'm not crazy!!!!!

    I'm asking the same questions you are!!

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