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Thread: Vitamin B6 and Magnesium for the treatment of autism

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    Default Vitamin B6 and Magnesium for the treatment of autism

    Here's a link on Vitamin B6 and Magnesium in the treatment of autism

    Angi (Angeleena).... I have to "thank you so much" for continuously updating this board with how your dd is doing after starting the vitamins...

    I had dismissed these supplements in the past because I just didn't have ANY knowlegdge base under my belt when I first started seeking out doctors and treatments for ds... plus I kinda thought Kirkman and the people recommending the vitamins had some sort of financial relationship... turns out NOT to be true...

    Kirkman is the real deal... sigh...

    anyway, your thankfully recent and persistent posting got me looking into this again... and I have the added benefit of having more knowledge regarding ds's "condition", and he is now willingly taking two supplements that have made a noticeable difference in his behavior... (one is Cod Liver oil and the other is a multi-vitamin... we use Nordic Naturals as through trial and error, it is the only one he accepts taste-wise and on a daily basis)...

    Anyway, I wanted to post the above link in support of what you have seen yourself... now I'm off to figure out which "flavor" and "formulation" to get for ds to try...

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Each time you posted was just NOT the right time for me... today I had THE lightbulb moment... it clicked with what I was told a couple of years ago! YAY!

    Chris 10/2002 (PDD/NOS)... who will now start signing off with "Chris 10/2002 Autism Spectrum Disorder" becsuse of this article Plain Talk about PDD and the Diagnosis of Autism

    p.s. you also brought me back to a site that I haven't visited in a LONG it is LOADED with relevant information and a concise search engine linking to outside relevant information...
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    hey laura,

    those are 2 of the big things we added to ds' mito cocktail...

    heres his current mix...

    Mito Cocktail
    -coQ10 100mg
    -L Carnitine 50-100mg/kg body weight
    -B1 100mg
    -alphalypolic Acid 50-100mg
    -vit E 100 units

    -flax seed grinded and put on foods daily. he loves that too...

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    Default I'll jump in too

    and post Savanna's, although she does not have autism as a diagnosis, her test results are very similar. She has B6 in the Nu Thera but is not taking any extra magnesium. I've given it in the past with success.

    2 tsp Cod Liver Oil 1 x daily
    2 borage oil caps daily
    1/8 am and pm calcium
    1 cap twice a day of Nu Thera multi
    3 GABA 2 x a day
    2 Taurine 2 x a day
    1 study probiotic 2 x a day
    2 mg melatonin at bedtime
    1 zinc 25 mg pm only
    1 Fluconazone 1 x a day (prescription yeast med)
    25 mg Lamectil 2 x day (seizure med)
    1 CoQ10 2 x a day
    1 riboflavin (starting in 1 week)
    MB-12 shots (starting in 2 weeks)

    A lot of what Dr. Berger gives us is from Kirkman's too. All this stuff is really starting to show a difference in her. I can't wait to get Sierra an appt with Dr. Berger but I have to wait a while before I can "afford" it (afford in quotation marks because I can never really afford it!).

    Glad you are trying some stuff and see some encouraging differences!



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    Laura, thanks for the kind words. I had not seen that article before. wow!

    I am blown away. I wish that someone had told us sooner, but i am soo thankful to ella's ped for telling us at all.

    It is amazing to see the changes in her.

    Thanks for your kind note. It made my night. I read it to dh and he was excited too.


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    Sorry for bringing up an old thread. I just want to know how do I make the cocktails? I have an five year old autistic son. I just think it's my fault he's like this or maybe I'm being punished for something. I'm 29 years old and he is my first child. Just need a little help getting him to talk and get the vitamins he needs since he's a very picky eater. Do I buy all the vitamins mentioned above and mix in a drink? Like fruit punch or juice?

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