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Thread: What to send?

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    Default What to send?

    If anyone wants to brainstorm ideas or think about things for David and Hayley...

    Hayley is 7
    David recently turned 16 (I don't know his bday yet)

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    I have a friend who makes beautiful handmade soaps in different shapes and we've been back and forth on our dd's faves (in terms of scents and shapes) to make some for Hayley. My dd wants me to make a throw pillow (or two) for Hayley, so we're in search of the perfect super soft fabric that she thinks she'll find comforting, yet fun. I'm sure she'll be adding more stuff to the list.

    As for a 16yo boy... sheesh! The only thing that has occurred to me so far is a digital keychain. I wanted something personal but not too personal (read, "embarrassing") and not a gift card, ykwim? (Just my personal preference. I know nothing from digital keychains, it was just an idea, so I'm going to see what's what courtesy of Google over the next couple of days.

    Next? Ideas?...

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