I am not really sure what to think about this. I am beginning to think that no one up at school talks with another person.

DS is going to be re-evaluated for speech sounds soon. I knew about this right around Thanksgiving, so it was no big deal to me. I get a notice just before Christmas about this a meeting to have me sign some forms to have the eval done. I get the papers the day before school lets out for the winter break. I call the diagnostician and let her know that yes, the meeting time is fine, and we will be there (kind of hard not to be when it is right after his regular speech therapy), and that I couldn't get the papers returned before school lets out.

So I thought everything was set. Monday the diagnostician calls me just to remind me (no problem, I apperciate the reminder). Then later that day someoene else calls me from her office to ask if I will be ther at the meeting (didn't someone just call me 2 hours ago to remind me of the meeting????). Then yesterday the speech therapist calls me to see if I am coming to the meeting?

I guess my question is doesn't anyone communicate with anyone else over these things? or do they just assume that the parents don't get it and have to be told several times about it??? Or are they so use to lack of parental involvement that they keep reminding them??