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    Default A PNO parent looking for some feedback....m

    I am cross-posting from PNO. There's a mom on there who wasn't sure where else to post, but she has some questions about a possible visual-spatial learning issue her DD is facing. She doesn't belong to this board, but I suggested she join and told her I'd cross post over here for her. If any of you have experience in this area, would you hop over to PNO and see if you can help her out? Her post is titled "Visual-spatial info please....".

    Thanks, everyone.

    - Julie

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    Thanks Julie - I posted to her over on the school age board. If anyone else is looking for info on visual-spatial learning, the place to start is . There are lots of helpful articles on that site, mostly regarding school-aged kids.

    Regarding this board, it may help to keep in mind that kids with certain kinds of LDs (e.g. auditory processing and other left-brained weaknesses; ADHD) are more likely to be visual-spatial (right-brained) learners. Traditional education is left-brained based, which thus presents difficulties. For various people on this board, the site may be well worth a look, and if you think you do have a visual-spatial learner on your hands, there's a superb book I can recommend.

    If anyone's curious, here is a little intro on what a visual-spatial learner is:

    "Visual-spatial learners are individuals who think in pictures rather than in words. They have a different brain organization than auditory-sequential learners. They learn better visually than auditorally. They learn all-at-once, and when the light bulb goes on, the learning is permanent. They do not learn from repetition and drill. They are whole-part learners who need to see the big picture first before they learn the details. They are non-sequential, which means that they do not learn in the step-by-step manner in which most teachers teach. They arrive at correct solutions without taking steps, so "show your work" may be impossible for them. They may have difficulty with easy tasks, but show amazing ability with difficult, complex tasks. They are systems thinkers who can orchestrate large amounts of information from different domains, but they often miss the details. They tend to be organizationally impaired and unconscious about time. They are often gifted creatively, technologically, mathematically or emotionally. " (from )

    p.s. learning this about dd, and then about myself, has been an eye-opening, life-changing experience.

    p.s. again - my kids' speech delay (left brain weakness) seems to be related to this.

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    Default wapiti

    I just have to say I am tuning in to so many of your posts. You post about so many things that also apply to our situation - my Citric Acid cycle/metabolic question, vision therapy, visual spatial learning. I appreciate your posts.

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