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Thread: Hey, a nice social thing happened with ella

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    Default Hey, a nice social thing happened with ella

    so, i have been whining on here so much i thought i better share something great.

    I have witnessed ella being very outgoing and social with 2 different kids in teh past 2 days. One is our neighbor who she adores..a boy even!

    Tonight after we went swimming, there was a little girl about Ella's age in the locker room sitting by herself. Ella asked me if she could go sit by this girl and I said "ask her if you can sit by her" and the girl groaned and the girl's mom said "YES, YOU CAN SIT by her!" Ella crawled up next to the girl and was really friendly trying to get the girl to talk. I was proud. This is not like the girl who used to shy from people. She was a little bit too close - in the girl's space- but i reminded her to move back a little. I think the little girl may have been ASD. It was EI night at the pool, so chances are the girl may have had some issues. The girl never said anything to Ella, but Ella just tried to talk to her about the pool and ? and I thought well, she is really reaching out and trying to meet people. This is a huge deal for her. She used to be the one that kids would come up to and she would shy away.

    At any rate, ella is coming around socially really well. Except for her anger fits that include hitting, scratching, kicking, screaming, and saying horrible things....she is doing great in so many other ways.

    I had to share this. It is important for me to focus on the good and make a huge deal out of it with her. I want to make sure ella knows that she is such a great kid. We have spent a lot of time being upset over being hit, kicked, etc...lately that i want to really make her know that she shines.


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    yay Ella

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    That's great Angi. Sounds like a step in the right direction!

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    Default That is so sweet and encouraging

    I know she is going to get the help she needs. You are a great Mom! It is a good reminder to look at the really great things our kids do even while we are struggling with so many things!


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    Default You're right, it's soooo important to remind ourselves...m

    to focus on the good things too. Thank you for sharing that heartwarming story. What a great thing for Ella to be able to go up to that girl and sit next to her and talk to her. Only we on this board know what a huge accomplishment that can be. It also reminds us how there are so many facets to our kids' lives. And even though one part can be in the toilet (like the moods), another part like social can be blossoming.

    It's great that you can have that perspective, and see things so clearly (ahem, through that black eye of yours).

    Go, Ella!

    - Julie

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    that is AWESOME! I keep meaning to post to you directly and thank you some more for the "magnesium" lead... you didn't know it was the magnesium, but still you lead me to my searching... and how awesome if felt to have an expert bring up magnesium and highly recommend that we give it to Christian for his aggressive behavior and his constipation...

    I just posted to LANDB a little more about miralax and magnesium... I'm NOT convinced Miralax is a bad thing, but I do understand what Dr. Perlmutter is saying, thus our willingness to go for the magnesium citrate...

    I'll try to post more soon... as I also wanted to post on your "black eye" thread... I often look like a battered wife, especially my thighs, and have had a HUGE bruise on my jawline... I'm not a battered wife at all, I'm a "battered mom"... (((hugs))) I can relate... just trying to find the things that settle him down and fulfill his sensory needs...

    sorry this is so jumbled... you deserve a more "thoughtful" and timely response....

    (((hugs))) Laura (who can totally relate to you... I think Ella and Chris would be two peas in a pod and just LOVE each other...)

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    That is so cool! And I am very impressed that you are able to remember to acknowledge the positives while you are in the thick of working on the negatives! It really does sound like a wonderful socila overture on her part.

    Wow, EI night at the pool. I would love to have something like that!


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