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Thread: Anyone give meds for gas?

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    Default Anyone give meds for gas?

    My dd has been very gassy as long as I can remember. She wakes up 1-2 x night crying really loud. Sometimes she calms herself and goes back, but more often I have to go up and soothe her back to sleep. There has been several times she has passed gas when I went up. I wonder if thats what is waking her? Any meds that you can recommend to try (she's almost 4).

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    Default Do you know if she has food allergies?

    I find that with my dd, she gets gas when she eats dairy (she is allergic). But also, I think she has sensitivities to other foods and also a Candida yeast problem. This all contributes to her issues. She gets very bad pains and very bad gas.

    She is 6 so I feel more comfortable giving a wider variety that if she was 4 probably. GasX works but gives her horrible gas for a while so I only do that when it's really painful.

    I would recommend starting with Mylicon.|114850556 8

    This is safe even for babies. When I was giving it to my dd, I gave it every time she ate and it really seemed to help a lot.

    Good luck!


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    just wanted to say that my dd woke up so many times with gas that we routinely started giving her mylecon (sp) infant gas drops. There is a generic brand of them at walmart (if you trust using the generic) that is much cheaper than the mylecon brand. It literally made our girl sleep through the night sometimes. As a matter of fact, if any new mom ever asks for any advice, i always say "GAS DROPS!"


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