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Thread: Sierra's Dr. Berger Appt was today!

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    Oh my gosh, what validation for you, and actual *help* too! Great work mom. I bet it feels great to have a plan, and confirmation of your instincts!


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    Yay, for you! I know how you feel about getting the info! I can't wait to get the rest of our family tested too!

    I'll have to pass your thank you to Angie R. for passing on the link for Dr. Berger to me... she's in our local support group and was Chris' care-coordinator when he did an intensive 16 week OT/ST "preschool"...

    On the 20th, Dr. Perlmutter got to speak in front of our support group... he lectured for 2 hours and then took questions... he was amazing... although he is an accomplished, published and practicing neurologist, his passion is in educating the public about the importance of DHA, probiotics, certain vitamins, and eating whole foods...

    (((hugs))) on the pedi thing... glad you have Dr. B and I have Dr. P to help us with what we believe and support us fully... nice to FINALLY have someone listen to us...

    anyway, congratulations on getting Sierra's info to the Doc and help... also looking forward to tax refund for help in paying for this stuff!

    hang in there...

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