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Thread: My new blog on Politics and SNKs...

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    Default My new blog on Politics and SNKs...

    I hope you guys enjoy this one. I'm sure many of you will agree, though DH doesn't get my humor. The blog also highlights my friend's recent success in getting a grant to pay for her ds' hearing aid.

    Please take my presidential poll!

    Hope all are well.
    Morgan (12) ASD, ADHD
    Mason (5) Asthma, reflux, GFCF, ADHD, SID

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    Default Love it! I can certainly relate, oh my!...

    I am currently about 30K in debt from Leela's surgery last summer - yep even with great health insurance. The hospital won't reduce the payments, our income looks great on paper but there's a never ending need for expenses to keep dd going! the hidden costs of having an SNK! So, they've put me on a $500 a month repayment plan. I put it on my credit card - so at least I'll get frequent flyer miles - I wonder how many miles I'll need for a one way ticket to Maui, lol!

    And yes, I spent an overnight in the ER with my mom, went home after an hour of almost sleep turned around and went to work. Boy, that was a productive day, not. Sadly, at 45 you really don't bounce back from those all nighters anymore, it took me a week to recuperate, longer than it took my mom!

    I'll go back and take your presidential poll too! I'll be the liberal responding, hee, hee.

    Thanks for putting a voice out there educating people on what it is to be an SNK! I also read VickiF's articles on about being a special mom.

    HUGS! N

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