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Thread: Anyone hear about this article?

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    Default Anyone hear about this article?

    Caused a HUGE uproar at the Washington Post.

    And one of many rebuttals:

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    Please tell me that article was supposed to be a joke.

    I love this line in the rebuttal:

    What bothers Allen about this picture is that these women reject, with every fiber of their latte-loving beings, the abstinence-only, father-knows-best, slut-shaming crabbed misogyny of the Republican right.

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    Ok, I read the whole thing.

    I'll tell you this - there have been times that I have been embarrassed to belong to the fairer sex. Sometimes, in some groups, their behaviour is astonishing. But there are times I couldn't have been more proud. I'm sure the same goes for men.

    I don't know why people got into such an uproar, I smirked through most of it except the part where she says we should all pretty much just stay home and be housewives. If it had been more of a satirical article from beginning to end, it would have been very humourous.

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    I am not quite sure of Allen's purpose in writing her piece. But this sentence struck me:
    although my husband has perfectly good explanations for why he eats standing up at the stove (when I'm not around) or pulls down all the blinds so the house looks like a cave (also when I'm not around)
    My DH does both of these things and I thought they were unique to him.

    Allen's piece was lightweight enough that it didn't really deserve serious rebuttal.

    I loved this from the posted rebuttal:
    Who's really the dim bulb, the woman who doesn't see the beauty of "Grand Theft Auto," or the man who thinks Tom Clancy is a great writer?

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