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Thanks for the support, from you moms who understand first-hand what it means to give up riding time! Sandy, what do you do with your OTTB?
Not much!

She sort of came with the house....not really but the previous owners let the local "bad breeder" board here and we continued for a brief time until we realized she was just a nightmare....so that's how I met the mare and I just couldn't imagine them selling her to an even worse breeder (they are really practically destitute, horses starving, etc.) so I offered to buy her and basically wound up with a 12 year old mare that hadn't been ridden in 9 years.

But she's back in training; I've ridden her a tiny bit but have a younger, much more fearless, awesome trainer working with her and she's really been very good, especially for not having been worked in years and years (and 5 foals later). Relegates that chestnut TB mare stereotype to myth status.

She's been so good that my trainer is insisting I hop on next week when she comes so hopefully I won't "undo" any of the progress she's made. I'm afraid I'll mess her up if I get nervous....then she'll get nervous, etc. Hopefully not.

Ultimately she will be a backyard horse for me. She is too young to "retire" without any job - she does seem to like the work. But I don't think she'd be a good show horse or horse to trailer to new trails....she's been through enough trauma in her life; I think she enjoys the consistency of my little barn and that will be enough for me.