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Thread: a good update here

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    Default a good update here

    DD is in another great spot.

    We have decided to enjoy these good runs and try not to worry and cringe about when it ends.

    Right now we can almost take her ANYWHERE without fear!

    We have had about a week of incredible behavior...a happy, smart, talkative kid who has not hit or kicked us in ? like 5 days or more!??????????

    Her therapist said she only needs to see ella every other week now because she is doing so well in therapy! She said that Ella is an "unusual child" in that she is working on traditional therapy with her at age 4! She really likes Ella which is a nice change...some are put off by her "challenging" behavior.

    Now the OT says she is going to start working on handwriting because Ella mastered almost everything else.

    Now ella gets dressed without a fight. Yes, after 2.5 years of fighting and suffering through dressing this kid, she now does it herself and her sensory issues are melting away from the rispirdal drug. She even puts her own shoes on. Just a few months ago we had to dress her at night after a bath and after melatonin when she was really tired...and we were dressing her for the next day!

    So, sorry to ramble.

    Just wanted to make sure to try to post some positive stuff instead when I can!

    A few weeks ago we were in HE** with fits of rage and being hit and kicked by our incredible strong physically/willed kid!


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    Yeah Ella. So glad to hear it Angi. Hugs

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    Default Cool!

    So nice to have her in a good spot. I hope they get longer and longer.


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    That is great that the medication is helping so much. Thanks for sharing such a good update.

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