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Thread: How's the start to the school year going?

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    Default How's the start to the school year going?

    Caylee loves school and seems to be doing well. She had one breakdown the 2nd week of school, in the carpool pickup line when she thought the teacher was scolding her. She wasn't, Caylee is just very sensitive. The teacher felt so bad and even called me that evening. Otherwise it's going great!

    We have "Meet the Teacher" night tonight. I'll get some more insight into how she's doing.

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    Going very well here for both kids.

    Lacey's handwriting is improving, her teacher is a stickler about her posture so that helps.

    Ellie's blowing us all out of the water. I spoke to her teacher last night at open house and she said that all of our fears and worries at the beginning of the year never materialized. For being the youngest, she's adapting the best. Her resouce teacher is thrilled.

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    love all the positive vibes.

    Grant my 3rd grader is struggling (started on August 1st) but this week is the best week so far. Will know more next month after his IEP Meeting and Benchmark testings. But every week he had had some sort of meltdown or odd behavior. This past Friday the Principal calls about an incident in P.E. so he is suspended form P.E. this week.

    Holt does not say much, but I have an IEP Meeting for him(2nd so far this year) next Thursday the 18th)

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    So far, so good. Madylin is going to two preschools to get in the hours that the specialist wanted her to get. The public preschool I could do without Maybe I am biased as she went to the church preschool last year, but it just seems to me that the teachers at the public preschool, well, it seems like a JOB to them. Her teachers at the other school, you can tell they LOVE what they do. LOVE the kids, LOVE to be at school each day, KWIM? It's just so different, the two schools. Madylin had accidents the first couple of days at the public preschool, each time when they were on the playground. I asked the teacher if she could make sure she got to the bathroom before they wen tout and she looked at me like, almost rolling her eyes. I mean, I know they have like 15 other kids, but sheesh. So, she did send her and lo and b ehold, no accidents since. They forgot her birthday at the school, after making a huge deal of her b-day at the church preschool. Oy. Teacher remembered when I brought out goodie bags for the kids. I am probably knit-picking because my heart is totally not in this school, but she's getting her therapies through them and it gets her 6 more hours of school a week. Oh, and I did keep her home from school one day because her allergies were SO in overdrive...the special ed teacher practically bit my head off about how they *can't do much if she only shows up one day a week* (she only goes to the public preschool two days a week). I was really POed and told her if she'd like me to send her to school feeling like crap, she can forget it! What the heck is she going to learn by sitting in class coughing and sneezing like crazy?? Good grief.

    But, she loves school. And she has a buddy....a little boy who is quite enamoured with her LOL! She is playing with the other kids this year, instead of off by herself doing whatever. So nice to see! She gets to go on a field trip the upcoming Thursday.....learning how to behave while riding the bus. She has SO wanted to ride the bus and I know she's going to have a great time.

    So, that's our little update!! I hope everyone's school year goes smooth from this point on.....looks lke a mish-mash of experiences so far!


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