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    Default Trying Again After a Loss - New forum

    Please make yourself at home and let us know if you need any help finding anything here.

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    Default Am I crazy for "trying" again?

    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this forum and don't post much on forums in general. However, I know no one among my friends and acquaintances who has experienced what I have, so I'm reaching out.

    I have a healthy four-year-old son. I consider him my miracle since I've had three miscarriages now in my attempts to have a second child. (Three in two years). The first two were super early (five weeks) but this last one was 11 weeks. I told myself that if I had another one, I wouldn't try again. However, after the third I read Jonathon Cohen's book Coming to Term (awesome!) which convinced me to roll the dice again. But how I hate statistics.

    I did have my blood checked for antibodies, etc. Nothing came back. So now, it just looks like I had "bad luck" with the chromosomes.

    Sometimes I think I'm insane for trying again. I wonder if I'm strong enough to (a) not obsess about getting pregnant again (b) survive the first trimester if I do. Then, I also think about adoption, etc., but that takes risk and strength, too. Ugh. Does anyone out there have tips? Stories? I don't think I'd be so frustrated if I wasn't 36 (37 on Monday); I feel like my "window" is closing.

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    I am so sorry to hear of your losses - I can understand the frustration and sadness, but also the desire to keep trying too, even though you thought you wouldn't. I have experienced 7 total chemical pregnancies in the past 4 years...with the most recent being last month and in March - 2 in a row. Sigh...

    We have been trying to have another child for over 4 years now, and last Feb 2009 I was diagnosed with severed endometriosis and lost my left ovary & left fallopian tube. Our RE thought I'd be pregnant soon after he got all of that cleaned up, but no such luck. We've also been through 10 IUI's since August 08 as well. After these recent early losses, considering how many of them I've experienced so far, he finally decided to order a HUGE list of tests on me to see if anything could have developed between my last pregnancy and now. Apparently once you have proven fertility, they just don't think to treat us or test us for a lot of things that women with primary infertility get done.

    You said you had some blood work done to test for you know if they tested for anything else? Like some basic stuff such as thyroid tests for example?

    I just had 19 tubes of blood drawn on Friday morning, so we're waiting on the majority of those results now, but we did get a couple results back yesterday afternoon already, and right off the bat we found out I have hypothyroidism, and my RE put me on meds ASAP - I started Levothyroxine this morning. So far in my research about high TSH levels, it has been shown to cause infertility AND pregnancy loss.

    I keep coming across this info (copied and pasted from a website):
    At most labs, normal range is approximately 0.5 to 5.5. But as of Spring 2003, .3 to 3.0 is considered the narrower normal range that many experts are using for diagnosis and management. Note that some endocrinologists believe that a percentage of women may find it difficult to get pregnant -- or maintain a pregnancy -- at a TSH above 2.0

    I also found this (also copied and pasted from online):
    Normal range is 0.3 to 3.0, but RE's don't want it above 2 when there are infertility issues, especially when any type of pregnancy loss is involved.

    I don't understand why nobody ever thought to test me for some of these most basic things before, when in all my reading I'm finding that A LOT of dr.'s check thyroid right off the bat when their patients are having trouble concieving or experiencing early losses. But...there is nothing I can do about the past now. I just have to move forward and be thankful that we found at least one thing that can be easily fixed right away, that may be contributing to my infertility!! I honestly can't even imagine that it could be as simple as taking a tiny little pill once per day in order to finally allow me to get pregnant and stay pregnant, but that sure would be nice!!

    In case you want to see a list of tests that you could go by and compare to what you had done, here is a list of what my RE is testing me for (I included the results of the 2 tests I got back already):

    Urea Nitrogen (BUN)
    Chloride 4
    Carbon dioxide
    Calcium 3
    Protein, Total
    Albumin/Globulin Ratio
    Bilirubin, Total
    Alkaline Phosphate
    TSH, 3rd Generation = 3.35 (high) ~ RE prescribed 25mcg Levothyroxin, to start 5/1/10
    T4, Free
    Prolactin = 13 (normal)
    Anti-phospholipid Antibodies
    Anti-cardiolipin Antibodies
    Lupus Anticoagulant
    Anti-Nuclear Antibodies
    Anti-Thyroid Antibodies
    NK cells

    I think there are actually a few more than that, but this is all I know for sure right now.

    I'm also on all kinds of supplements to help treat my endometerios and get rid of all the toxins in my body that can harm fertility: 2 women's vegetarian multi vitamin (special blend with all kinds of great stuff in it for fertility), 1 chewable children's multi vitamin (to help boost iron levels, as recommended by the Red Cross, since my iron is borderline low), 200mg grape seed extract, 200mg CoQ10, 25mg micronized DHEA, 2000mg L-Arginine, 2000mg Vit C, 400iu Vit E, folic acid, 1 baby aspirin, 1000mg Calcium + D, Acidophilus, L-Lysine, and 2tsp per day of fresh royal jelly & bee pollen.

    I'm also following the endometriosis diet too. It's VERY restrictive, but I'm doing well with it so far - I've been on it for 27 days now! BTW, this diet would also be VERY beneficial for anyone who is TTC!! The endo diet is: no wheat/gluten, no dairy, no red meat or pork, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no chocolate, avoid processed foods as much as possible - and no hydrogenated oils (lots more forbidden foods, but these are the big ones!!) I'm eating a lot of organic fresh fruits & veggies, all natural/organic, gluten & sugar free type foods like crackers & tortilla chips w/ salsa & rice pasta with veggie spaghetti sauce (I am using regular jarred sauce though because I'm not paying $5 for a jar of organic sauce, LOL - and I'm adding things like organic mushrooms & zucchini to beef it up). I eat nuts like cashews & almonds and sunflower kernals & pumpkin seeds for protein & fat. I add in flax seeds to whatever I can. I can also have skinless white poultry, salmon & tuna in moderation, ideally not at all though - I've only had salmon once and chicken 5 times in the past 3 weeks. I'm making *fertility smoothies* with berries, bananas, fresh spinach leaves, almond milk, plain organic yogurt (yogurt is ok, other dairy is not) and also I can use natural sweeteners like Stevia & Blue Agave nectar. I've been buying some prepackaged gluten free foods too - which some have some sugar in it and even a litte bit of dairy, and sugar free candy that has chocolate, but I have to have *something* that resembles regular snack food/candy sometimes!! <wink> Oh I'm also using almond butter on gluten free crackers (sparingly though, because it costs about 4 times what peanut butter does, UGH!) it really does taste just like peanut butter though. I'm also drinking tons of organic, naturally decaffeinated green tea. I'm sure there is more I'm forgetting...but you get the jist of it. But I decided to let myself splurge on something regular once a week!

    No matter what approach you take, I sure hope you can find some answers and get some help, and finally get another sticky bean too!!! My heart sure goes out to you....

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    Default Thanks

    Wow. What an amazingly through response. Thank you! You gave me a lot to think about. Wishing you luck on your journey. The steps you've taken inspire me.

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    I am so sorry for your losses and understand how confused you are feeling. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage and then I had a healthy baby boy who is now almost 5. We then struggled to conceive again and had three miscarriages, each required a D&C. I was 12 weeks (I thought) with two of the pregnancy and had seen a fetal heartbeat at 6 weeks and then at 12 weeks learned the baby stopped growing at 9 weeks. Each series of tests after my D&C showed no abnormalities and my OB had no explaination for our losses. He encouraged us to keep trying. I found myself feeling like you - can I handle more stress trying to get pregnant, can my body handle it, and can I bear to hear one more time that the baby stopped growing and we lost the heartbeat. Just when I was feeling I couldn't handle one more disappointment we decided to try again and we now have a beautiful daughter. I guess my point is that you have to make a decision that is best for you, but I wanted to share our story in hopes that it gives you even a glimmer of hope that dreams do come true!

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    Just found this link and see there are so many of you in similar situation as me.
    I have a 5 year old girl and have been trying for 2 years for another.
    She was a textbook pregnancy and birth and I imagined it would be easy to have another.
    My trouble began after ruptured appendix took my right tube. But I was able to get pregnant after a few months. I had a 9 week ultrsound that showed the baby stopped developing at 6 weeks 3 days. I focused on TTC again soon. Two months later, pregnant again. This time due on my birthday so I thought it was a good sign. But at 5.5 weeks, I began to bleed and lost it. Two more months later, pregnant but only for about 4 days before I began to bleed. That month I was diagnosed with 3cm endometrioma (endometriosis) on my ovary with the tube. A year of testing and finding help has revealed I have antithyroid anitbodies (2 types) and my TSH was 3.8 and I now take synthroid for it.
    But no other immuno issues. I was never able to conceive after the cyst.
    To remove it may negatively effect my remaining fertility. So I opted for IVF.
    I had a good response (I am 36 by the way) had 10 eggs, 8 fertilized and transfered 3. All very very good quality.Last week was the first ultrasound and it showed one vanishing sac and the other was empty and tiny. I am in the process of my 4th miscarriage and I just don't know if I can take the heart ache again!
    I have 3 frozen 5 day blasts that we can transfer but I feel there is something wrong with me and I cannot find the right help. I think there is another immune issues that needs to be addressed. I just feel hopeless and scared and now I wonder if I got pregnant if I could handle waiting to loose it. How do you stay positive after 4 miscarriages??

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    For any immunological disorders and how to treat them, I highly recommend joining this email group:

    Just jump right in and start asking questions, the ladies are super knowledgable and very nice too!! his group actually focuses on teh research and findings of the late Dr. Beer, and the Beer Center...whose focus is treating women with mutliple failed IVF's or recurrent miscarriage and finding a correlation to immunological disorders, and then finding all sort of ways to treat them. The most common treatments are steroids like prednisone or Humira, blood thinners like lovenox or heparin, and also using more expensive treatments like intrlipid IV therapy, IVIG and LIT treatments.

    Here is a link to the Beer Center: There is lots of great reading here too!! I don't have the book, but everyone raves about the book called *Is Your Body Baby-Friendly* too! You'll see it on this website for the Beer Center.

    I'm starting on lovenox and prednisone today, and if not pregnant and staying pregnant by end of summer, we'll be trying to intralipid IV therapy at least one cycle, as well.

    Best wishes to all of you!!!! and BIG (((HUGS))) coming your way!!

    ~ Holly

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    Default still on the roller coaster

    Well, after going to a new doctor I found out that all my hormone levels were normal except for the thyroid (T4 a smidge below normal) so they are going to check again in a month. It is nice to get a more complete picture. Just thought I'd post an update again.

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    Hello ladies...we had a 3rd chemcial pregnancy/implantation failure in May...3 in a row. I honestly cannot believe it. But that tells me we are making progress somewhere in treating things even with just supplements and the endo diet. I did take 5 days worth of steroids in March since that cycle was supposed to be IVF but was converted to IUI due to poor response - only 3 good follicles (new protocol that my body apparently doesn't like) and we wonder now if that allowed my body to calm down and allow a pregnancy more easily, then I started the endo diet and all the supplements and had another chem preg with a natural cycle IUI with just one follicle in April, and last cycle we did prednisone and lovenox starting at ovulation but just timed intercourse - would have started those meds sooner, but that is when we decided on a treatment plan, so we started it ASAP...and again another chem pregnancy, sigh...

    Bottom line we got more testing done and I've learned so much more about RPL and what helps - so went ahead and did the intralipid infusion for this cycle - a medicated IUI cycle with Femara + injects, along with the full course of treatment with prednisone starting on cd3 and lovenox starting on cd6. My infusion was on June 7th and my IUI/ovulation was June 11th...I had 4 mature follicles to work with, so we are praying that we get lucky for the 4th time in a row with another pregnancy...only this time with one that actually STICKS!!! If we get 2 appropriately rising beta's I will immediately get another intralipid infusion. I will stay on prednisone for several weeks and wean off by 16-20 weeks. I will need to stay on the lovenox for the entire pregnancy though.

    Christine, so good that your labs are coming back ok.....but there could still be underlying issues that these basic tests don't cover. Like NK cells and their actual *activity*, and only a few labs in the country perform the actual NK assay to determine their *killing power* There are more things, but this is a big one for a lot of women suffering from RPL.

    I ended up finding out that my blood levels of NK's are considered slightly high for someone who has unexplained infertility to RPL...lab ranges for the average person says it's ok...but my level is 14% and they say with RPL/unexplained IF it should be below 10%....and for all we know, the killing power of my NK cells could be much higher than the next person who may only have 14% too. Lots of variables involved....but my ins. will only cover so much, and since our RE treats his patients with unexplained IF and RPL with the treatments that are used for NK cells and other immunological issues (using prednisone and intralipids) I am not going to have it tested and waste anymore money than necessary. We know somethig is obviously attacking our embryos....and causing implantation failures.

    I was also found to have a protien S deficiency, so now we have a real reason for me to be on lovenox too...not that I've ever had any blood clots in the past though - and RE sent me to see a hematologist last week and he doesn't *think* it is causing me these RPL problems, but he did say that obviously reproductive health is not his field, and he could not say for sure, and that being on a preventative dose (30mg injection per day) will not hurt me and since clearly it's been shown to help women like us...he agrees to keep going with it and continue with pregnancy and to 6 weeks post partum, just as my RE prescribed upon discovering the deficiency.

    What I did learn from the hematologist, is that women with later losses, reaching 8-12 weeks, usually are found to have more issues with blood clotting do make sure your dr. has tested you for EVERY POSSIBLE thing that can cause blood clotting issues....after that intitial round of lab work (that I listed out above) my RE sent me back for even more and this is what he tested for:

    Protein C
    APC resistence/protein C ratio
    Protein S

    This is when found that my Protien S was low. Also my results for MTHFR were positive for 1 copy of C677T and negative (normal) for A1298C - so this means I'm heterozygous for MTHFR, but both RE and hematologist assure me this means nothing by itself, and that lots of people have this gene.

    I hope this info can help you ladies too!!!

    (((HUGS))) and best wishes!!

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