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Thread: Quick Introduction - Gail w/2.9 yr old b/g Twins

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    Default Quick Introduction - Gail w/2.9 yr old b/g Twins

    Twin DS was seen by Speech Therapist via EI in May for an initial evaluation. She said he had Sensory Issues (i.e. walking on tip toes, flapping his hands) [He only walks on his toes now] along with communication issues:

    Receptive Language = 1 yr 3 mo
    Expressive Language = 1 yr
    Total Language = 1 yr 2 mo in May (Twins are 27 mo old) Born 2 mo early.

    My twins are now 2.9 yr old.

    DS has been receiving ST 2x a week since May.
    OT every other week since July (weak center core?)
    Preschool Development Teach 1x a week since July.

    He will repeat words given to him 1 at a time.

    He will say 3 word sentences.

    He is talking more each day on his own.

    I look forward to getting to know you all.

    DD has a newly found peanut allergy

    w/Abby & Joey 2.8 yr
    Nicolas - 10 yr
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