Some threads have been locked because they degenerated into personal arguments. So it seems like a good time for a gentle reminder about how things work on this board.

Despite the name, this board is not for ranting and raving. INCIID is a support community and we need to remember that even when we are posting on this board. All posters are urged to try their hardest to express their opinions in a calm and respectful manner. We have listed below some tips to keep the discussions here on track. We try not to remove posts and threads unless absolutely necessary but when posts cross the line they will be pulled. No e-mails will be sent. Please do not e-mail alert and argue about pulled posts. The decisions of the Hosts are final and are not up for debate. Posting about pulled posts on the board itself is a huge no no and will get you in trouble. So don't do it.

If a thread is locked, please do not restart the discussion in another thread. Once things have cooled down, the Hosts will consider reopening locked threads if an e-mail request is sent to alert.


1. Take the time to post carefully. It's worth the effort to think things through.

2. Discuss the post, not the poster. When responding, stick to the substance of the post, not whether you like the way the post was written or whether you think the poster doesn't know what they are talking about etc. etc. If your response uses the word "you," it's a good sign your post has gotten personal and needs to be reworded.

3. Don't post angry. If a post has upset you, take a step back and a deep breath and read the post again. In many cases, a second or third reading will reveal that the post isn't quite as incendiary as you may have initially thought.

4. If the post still makes you angry and feel like you've been personally attacked, you have three options:
a. send an e-mail to alert
b. respond reasonably without resorting to your own personal attack
c. ignore it
Those are the ONLY three options. If you respond with a personal attack then you will be in trouble too.

5. Be patient. This board is manned by volunteers who have families and jobs and other obligations. They cannot be here 24 hours a day. It may take a few hours or even a day to respond to e-mails. An objectionable post is not an emergency. We'll get to it as soon as we can. Do not complain on the board about the volunteers.

6. Do not discuss the boards on the boards. Do not discuss the posters on the boards. The topic is politics, not whether the liberal posters outnumber the conservatives or otherwise.

7. Please do not post a DD (dramatic departure). If you are unhappy with the way people post or how this board works, you are free to find another website that is more to your taste. But flouncing off in a huff while complaining about the board is rude and off topic.

We only have a few more weeks. Let's get through this election without alienating other posters from whom we will be asking for support on the other boards.

Your cooperation is appreciated,
The Lifestyle Hosts