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Thread: BF'ing Moms: Check in here!

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    Default BF'ing Moms: Check in here!

    Hi, I'm Danielle, mom to Timmy, 3 1/2 yrs (bf'ed 16 months) and Christopher, 16 mos (still bf'ing and no sign of stopping!)

    I was down to 2-3 times a day with Chris, but lately he's been sick and/or teething and wanting to nurse a lot more--especially at night. I'm wondering how to get out of this cycle? I'm tired!!!

    Otherwise, I'm proud I've been able to nurse my boys this long, I love that I can provide them comfort in a way no one else can, and I enjoy the special time together.

    I hope other mommies will jump in here so we can continue to provide support and share sweet stories of this very special relationship with our nurslings.


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    I'm here! James is 6 months and we are pretty much EBF, though we did start solids a couple weeks ago. I feel like all I do is nurse, but I know it will get better when his solids schedule gets developed.

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    Default We're here, too.

    Hi -

    It's great to see this board start up!

    I'm Patti and my daughter is Addison. She's 9 months old. We're still bf 4-5 times a day, but she's also transitioning onto food very well. I'm tired this week because she's trying to do too much during the day and won't focus on bf, so we've been up 2x a night (which definitely could be worse). I absolutely love our bf time each day...besides those weeks when she's getting teeth in!

    Patti and Addison

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    Default Hello!

    Thanks for getting this going, Dani! I'm Sara and currently nursing Isaac, almost 11 months. He nurses 4x during the day and once at night. He loves to nurse and so we'll keep on going as long as we can! I nursed my older DS Nathan till 14 months old - he is now 4 and 1/2.

    I love to read about and research breastfeeding as well as gently promote and encourage breastfeeding in-real-life. Every drop counts!

    Nice to meet all of you,

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    I'm here with my "little" guy, Nathaniel

    Natey-Bug is 15 months and still really enjoys nursing. I don't think he has any plans of stopping soon. He has a cold right now so he wants to nurse more and pretty much insists. He'll bring the boppy pillow over, drop it on my lap and say, "num-num". How can I resist that?

    Glad there are mommy's posting here!


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    Hi, I am Cordelia and am very proud to say that Anna is nearly a year and breastfeeding lots, now, if only she would nap and sleep well at night. Actually she has been sleeping pretty well most nights but is down to one nap that can be morning or afternoon. Occasionally she does a pseudo nap where she falls asleep and then wakes up happy 5 or 10 min after I put her down. Its so infuriating to be teased like this.

    We managed to get to exclusive breastfeeding at 3 months after battling low supply. Then I crashed about 6 weeks later from exhaustion/PPD. I still have a hard time calling it PPD because for the most part, I wasn't depressed and I was on antidepressants for 3 months total. We got back to exclusive breastfeeding around 6 months and things have been going well ever since we introduced solids.


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    Default Ben and I are here...

    just registered. If anyone remembers us from the old board, I used to post as KristenLynn. Changed my username with the new format.

    Ben is 13 months and still going strong on nursing. He nurses 3-6 times per day. It's quite variable, mostly depending on whether I am around (I am working part-time). He asks by saying "buf?" So cute.

    Glad to see everyone here.

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    Paula here with 12 week old Kirra. She's nursing and growing up so fast already. I just love this special time with her. It's going to be gone so fast. I don't mind the middle of the night feedings as much. I think it's because she's my last one and I don't want to forget one minute of it.

    I hope to post here more often too.

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    Default Jenn & Jenna, 10 weeks, here nursing exclusively

    I have 2 other kids. DD, age 6, who I nursed for 16 mos. and DS, age 4, who I nursed for 21 mos.

    I hope to nurse Jenna for at least as long as my other 2. I have really enjoyed this special time with them. I also try to encourage others to give bf'ing a chance before ruling it out.

    Glad to meet everyone!

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    Default Gail - w/Twin DD Abby...

    Still nursing 2 1/2 yr old Twin DD for naps/bed and early am.
    No sign of stopping. She LOOOOOVES to nurse.
    I nursed older DS for 21 months.

    I nursed Twin DS for 5 months (He had reflux and quit cold turkey)
    Huggs - Gail

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