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Thread: BF'ing Moms: Check in here!

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    Default Lori with Jace, 8.5 months...m

    and still going strong, still nursing lots during the day and usually 2-3x at night. I'm ready to drop the night feedings though.... He has never taken a bottle but is getting pretty good with a nuby sippy cup. I have been on domperidone since he was about 4.5 months to maintain my supply and will probably be on it for several more months until he gets more established on solids then I will work on weaning off the meds. I plan to nurse him until he is ready to stop. My dd went on a nursing strike at about 9 months and we were never able to recover, so it is nice it is going so much better this time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dani
    Hi, I'm Danielle, mom to Timmy, 3 1/2 yrs (bf'ed 16 months) and Christopher, 16 mos (still bf'ing and no sign of stopping!)

    I was down to 2-3 times a day with Chris, but lately he's been sick and/or teething and wanting to nurse a lot more--especially at night. I'm wondering how to get out of this cycle? I'm tired!!!

    Otherwise, I'm proud I've been able to nurse my boys this long, I love that I can provide them comfort in a way no one else can, and I enjoy the special time together.

    I hope other mommies will jump in here so we can continue to provide support and share sweet stories of this very special relationship with our nurslings.


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    Default Oh, here we are! Melissa & Caleb (7 mo) more -

    We breastfeed about 4 times per day and some during the night, although he is finally sleeping through about every other night! I recently quit pumping at work and so he now gets 6 oz of formula while we're apart. He loves his babyfood, too! But his favorite is mommy milk and he signals he's ready by grunting and 'head-butting' my chest.

    He's gotten two teeth in the last two weeks and has starting to experiment with biting. My DD (2.5 years) likes to attempt to wear one of my bras and says it will make her nipples strong so she can feed baby. Too funny!

    Caleb: 2-25-08
    Faith: 1-24-06
    Jake: 5-8-04

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