Mine are much different than when I was younger. It took off my rose colored glasses.

- I think they are not able to clearly define their plans as they alone have nowhere near enough power to implement them, once elected we'll all call them liars, when in fact they do not have absolute power.

- Everyone knows some over the top people, these guys more than most, politics is corrupt. As long as they aren't - what should they do quit the senate ?

- Of course there will be mudslinging by both sides - why blame the candidates ? This happens in every election - the common thread - politics - not the cadidatess - so common sense says the root cause is the system.
We need to blame our system, that we set up, that we can change. Since there seems to be no mass agenda in the senate and house to do this, must be people are not calling for it, so we like it this way (or like it enough not to do anything about it). I don't think assigning character flaws to any of them for participating in the process is resonable. It's just something the media uses to get ratings/money and something to talk about 24hours a day.

- I don't *really* know the hour to hour job of the President or VP - almost everyone who votes doesn't. We don't *really* know the qualifications of the job to objectively evaluate what type of person is best for the job. I don't honestly think the American public is qualified to vote for the Pres/VP. Who here thinks they are qualified to pick a good CEO ? I mean really. But that is our system, so on we go.

- An then the issues. For ex. RoeVWade -- the Pres is not a lawmaker. Sure they appoint the justices, but if this is a real hot issue for someone, there are many much better places to apply your energy to keep this moving in the direction you are interested in as opposed to worrying about the President's personal viewpoints. I think we all get distracted too much with this stuff. If we really care - where in the heck is the voter turn out for the local and state elections... so no I don't think most people *really* care as much about the issues as they say. The (local/state) ballot numbers just don't bear it out.

So i feel I'm left with a few choices in Pres/VP election
go with mu gut
flip sides lib/conserv every 4 years - it'll keep things moderate.