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Thread: Low morphology causing RPL? *MC Mentioned*

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    Default Low morphology causing RPL? *MC Mentioned*

    Hi Dr. Coulam - you may remember me from several posts over the last year. I've had 3 miscarriages - the last 2 were due to chromosome issues (45x, 69XXY). I passed the Clomid Challenge test with flying colors so they don't suspect egg issues(I'm 29, DH is 30). DH just had his SA and the motility and count were well within normal, but the morphology was Kruger 3% (normal was 4).

    Could low morphology be the cause of the losses? I've gotten pregnant the first time all 3 times - so the sperm are clearly getting to the right place. And all I've read is about low morpholgoy leading to infertility - in terms of not being able to get pregnant. But that's not happening with us. But could the morphology be affecting the embryo quality?

    Thanks - Cyndi

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    It could but most likely is not in your particular situation. One was to answer the question is for your husband to have a Sper DNA Integrity assay. For more information about this test, you may visit the website of Millenova Immunology Laboraties at Dr. Coulam

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