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Thread: ADHD & Sensory Issue...

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    Question ADHD & Sensory Issue...

    My 6 yr old DS (1st grade) is in the process of a ADHD dx.... meaning, after 4 meetings, I have come to that dx but the Dev Ped wants to wait to "see how he does in school". Well, he's driving his teacher crazy...does that count? But trying to get a dx is a long story.

    But here's my question to the parents of ADHD kids... do your kids have sensory issue, specifically a sensory seeker?

    I know SID can "look" like ADHD, but how often is SID and ADHD co-morbid?

    In reading several books, I can't see were the SID stops and the ADHD starts and vice versa.

    I know I need to have my DS evaluated by an OT, but right now I'm struggling with the Dev Ped. She is not "convinced" since he is only 6 and is a full grade ahead in reading ad math.

    Mom to 2 boys
    4th grade DS w/ APD
    1st grade DS w/ ADHD (in my opinion)

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    You need to have him evaled by and OT.

    Seriously, it made such a difference in both of my dd's lives. Both of my kids are sensory seekers - the younger is much more severe. Her daycare had labeled her as adhd at 3 before we started OT. After OT, she is the model student in class (at home she still has adhd tendencies). She also has High functioning autism and the lines really blur between that, adhd and SPD.

    My older dd has the attention span of a gnat and constantly fidigiting- she is getting OT now and I see it helping.

    I would see what the OT says and then take it back to the dev. ped.

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    also if you search on this board, adhd or gifted you will see some of my previous posts about older dd....

    The posters gave me SO many resources to look at that were really informative.

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    Christine S Guest

    Default That's a tough question to answer....

    I don't have the research to show any stats so all I can do is tell you my own experience.

    My oldest dd has ADD and mild SID. My ds has ADHD and moderate-severe SID. My youngest dd has mild SID (it was moderate, but so much has been helped with therapy). I suspect younger dd may end up with an ADD dx as well, but so far she's in the clear.

    Dh & I both have ADD. We have not been eval'd for SID, but it's safe to say I have it. I'd say dh does as well, but his perhaps not as severe.

    The stats don't look very good from where we're sitting, BUT...this is just one family. I agree you really must get a good OT eval, one with an OT familiar in sensory issues. Ds's issues were the most severe. It was terribly difficult to discern what was ADHD and what was SID. (actually at one point it was so bad we were having him eval'd for Autism as well). With years of OT under our belts, it's only now becoming evident what behavior is SID and what is ADHD.


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    My ds is 5 and in K and was just diagnosed with ADHD NOS. The Dev Peds wasn't positive that it was ADHD but felt it was better for him to have a label so he could get behavior therapy and support at school. We are going to reevaluate him after 1st quarter.

    He has gone through sensory/OT training. This is actually the first thing we did for him when he was 3. The OT said that while there might be sensory issues that was not his overwhelming issue.

    So for us I think its ADHD with mild (if any) SID.

    I completely understand what you are saying about trying to determine which is which. The best thing to do is to see the OT and try their methods. If its SIDS it should help. For us it only helped a little bit.


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