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Thread: Bfing and sleeping through the night...m

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    this has confirmed that he is not truly hungry, just waking out of habit.
    Its not necessarily habit. One of my LC coworkers always says, breastfeeding isn't just about food. Sometimes they just need some comfort and reassurance. You definitely need more sleep. Good for you on what you are doing, it seems to be working and it sounds like it fits with your parenting style.


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    My baby is about the same age and i know how hard it is. The lack of sleep or the disturbed sleep really takes it toll after a while! I can only tell you what worked for us - Weissbluth and his book Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. I used it for my twins and now with the baby too - and it is fantastic, ESP in regards to daytime sleep. Lily now goes down for naps at 9am and 1pm, just as Weissbluth predicted, and she sleeps 1-3 hrs. Part of his approach includes not letting kids sleep TOO long - so I often have to wake her at 11am to give her enough wake-up time to need an afternoon nap.

    So in your example, with the unpredictable wake-up times - W. would say to wake your baby up (I believe he says don't let them sleep past 7am). Lily's sleep was very disorganized before we started this sleep training - unpredictable, short. She was a much fussier baby too. After about a week of 'training', she was on her new schedule and doing great. She now wakes up 1x at night - and I'm trying to decide whether to eliminate this. She's been pretty small on the weight charts so I'm going to see how she's doing at her 9m check-up next week and then decide.

    Anyway, I don't want to tell you what to do . Just wanted to share our experience and the success we had w/ Weissbluth's approach. Good luck!!

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    Caleb will be 8 months this week and seems to be finally getting the nighttime thing -the first time I fell asleep without the monitor on and never heard when he cried ... he survived! So I stopped responding as readily and now he sleeps from around 7pm to 5 am about half the time. The other times he will wake sometime in the 4 am houir. He recently learned to pull up in the crib and hasn't known how to get himself back down. GRRRRR this meant he was screaming in panic 2-3 times per night. Thankfully he seems to have figured it out and is sleeping longer again.

    I'm all for gentle sleep training. Your gut will let you know if he just isn't going to give in. Perhaps give yourself a time limit -say 10 minutes and hide from the tears (in the shower, under the pillow, with headphones) for that long. Then when you check, he may just have drifted back off.

    Melissa & Caleb

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