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Thread: PCOS--Response to Fertility Meds?

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    Default PCOS--Response to Fertility Meds?

    Hi. For those who have used Gonal/Follistim and have dx with PCOS,
    1) What was your dosage

    2) What amount of follicles did you have and eggs retrieved?

    Thank You!

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    Default I'll go ttc/pg/ mc ment

    I had several cycles with gonal -f. I am a high responder. The first cycle I did 7 days of 1/2 vial, coasted for about a week and had 13 mature follicles, IUI preg but mc. The next cycle I did 2 mths of BCP, Lupron, 1/2 vial of Gonal-F for 9 days, 1 vial for 10 days, had 2 mature at trigger, got preg with quads, delivered trips.
    Good luck to you!

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