Dr. Coulam,

Last year my wife had a miscarriage and through subsequent testing it was determined that immune issues were the probable cause. She tested positive for antiphospholipid syndrome, NK Cells and thrombosis with Factor Five Leiden. Any one or more of these could have contributed to the miscarriage.

We took a few months off from TTC to give her time to heal physically and emotionally. When we started to try again, we ran into a few other problems and started at an infertility clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

But according to their test results, all of her Cardiolipin Antibody levels show normal and they say there is no concern for NK cells. They recommend baby aspirin to treat the Factor Five Leiden.

But we are puzzled. Can ASP and NK issues just dissapear after only a few months without treatment? Never to return to be an issue? We are at a crossroads... we do not want the same thing to happen again if there is something that can be done to prevent it... Should we be concerned? Can these issues really dissapear? Should the two previous positive tests from last year be discounted because these tests this year at this clinic say "no problem"?

Looking for answers,