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Thread: Any experience with swollen saliva glands?

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    Default Any experience with swollen saliva glands?

    First I must apologize. I seem to come for advice but have been so overwhelmed with life I don't have time to reply to others often. I truly am sorry.

    Jacob (5) started having pains near his jawbone on the right side Friday. On Saturday it was very swollen and very painful, he was whiney, etc. so we took him to the ER. We were over 5 hours away camping for this huge Halloween camping weekend with over 30 friends and family. The ER doctor said it was most likely an abcess or obstruction in his gland. He gave us medication and told us to see the ENT on Monday as earliest as possible. I had a feeling there was more that he wasn't really saying but since I of course didn't know this doctor I thought perhaps I was reading too much into it. So I get off work and head to the ENT this morning. He felt the large lump. He has Jacob open his mouth and pushes and pushes saying that he was hoping to see puss coming into his mouth from under his tongue. Nope, nothing comes out. He then kind of digs around in there talking about a stone that could be in the way. Again, nothing comes out. He then starts acting different and goes on to say that tumors are unusual in this age of child but that he really expected more pain other than just the pain of touching it if it was an obstruction or abcess. I am to call him Wednesday to let him know if it's gone down at all. I'm then to call him again on Friday. If it's not WAY better then he will get a CAT scan scheduled to look for a tumor. He said often it's benign but there is a chance for it to be malignant. This really worries me of course. This is my baby, my youngest, my son...... I don't care the specifics............. IT'S MY CHILD!!!!

    So I guess I 1) needed to get this off my chest as it's made me very emotional and 2) am seeking any stories you may have. Please someone tell me it happened to them or their child and even though there was no puss, no pain all the time and had bigger than a bubble gum size knot on the jawbone that it was nothing big. Thank you all.


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    Is it up high, like in front of the ear? That's the parotid gland. It's what swells up during mumps.

    It's possible, but in 20+ years of working in a dental office, I've never seen this.

    Prayers that its fixed soon and it's nothing.

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    I wish I had soothing words to share, but I don't now anything about this. But I am thinking of you and your son and hoping for a positive resolution soon.

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    My ds use to get inflammed parotid glands when he was younger. Our ped. never prescribed anything for it but he would suggest that ds sucked on lemon drops to help stimulate any puss in there to come out.

    I'll keep your ds in my prayers.

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    My brother had surgery a couple of months ago for a stone in his salivary gland. I had never heard of this. They first treated with medication, then attempted an in office procedure, but ultimately he had to have day surgery. Other than a painful recovery he has made a full recovery.

    Hopefully this turns out to be something that can be easily resolved.


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