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Thread: leaving children in the car

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    I've left my DS in the car while running in to a convenience store, he's 6. I won't do it again because he gets out of his seat and honks the horn or tries to open the door (locked) from the inside and has set off the alarm! Well, I take that back, I'll do it again when he's a bit older and I can trust him to stay put

    If your children are better listeners, I don't see an issue for a quick run in somewhere...

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    Default Yes - in the right situations

    If I am in a safe neighborhood (i.e. near my home) where I can park in front of a glass store front where I can see my car the whole time, I will leave my 10 yr old and twin 4 yr olds in the car - locked w/o keys in the ignition - for a few minutes while I run in to get milk or such. Holiday, SA are the only stores I do this at.

    I'm not sure if there is a law or not in MN.

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