Mickey2, many thanks for your post so happy that you had a happy ending
i have heard alot about this prednisone. So did you take this when you was ttc or just when you got a positive pregnancy test ?

What are the side effects of the prednisone are they bad ?

I am convinced mine is immune related but the only thing that puzzles me
is the fact that apart from my 1st mc at 10wks my pregnancys end at 8wks and its all at the same time. So that puzzles me because if it was
a immune or blood issue then why would it happen at the same time in pg
why not 7wks or 6wks etc why always as soon as i hit 8wks.

The babys are alive at 7wks + so it rattles my brain trying to put it all
together working it out why and what it could be..

I am wondering if a hormone should take over at 8wks in pg and mine is
failing to do so what do you think ??

((Hugs ))