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Thread: metformin for non-insulin resistant pcos?

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    Default metformin for non-insulin resistant pcos?

    hey all-

    just have a question. i've read some conflicting things about metformin and pcos. some things i've read say that non-insulin resistant PCOSers can benefit from its side effects and that it causes the androgen levels to go down. others say (including my current doctor) that it is only for insulin resistant persons.

    just wondering if anyone has any information on this and could share your knowledge/personal experience with me.

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    Default Hi

    There have been quite a few over the years who got Pg doing only Met and not insulin resistant. My #s were not abnormally high but Met helped me. I would give it a try if other tx aren't working or you have had m/c's. Julie

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    I was on metformin for 2 months for PCOS. It did not help me at all and the side effects were too much for me to handle. Some women have success with it and others do not.
    I hope you find your answer soon!

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