The Special Needs Forum is intended to be a safe place for families of children with a variety of special needs and issues (both biological children as well as those needs of children coming to their families through adoption.) It is intended to be a place to discuss personal experiences and personal viewpoints about such issues and various courses of treatment.

While certain therapies may be advocated by members of the group, the responsibility of deciding how best to treat a child lies with the child's parents.
Although the groups postings may be authored by persons with credentials or licensure in professional fields, unless specifically noted by such authors, such postings are not intended as therapeutic advice, but as the sharing of personal experiences of parents with children with special needs.
INCIID Inc. does not endorse any postings by its members.

This Special Needs Forum is not intended to take the place of therapeutic advice and families with such issues are urged to seek medical advice before commencing any kind therapy. Children may have unusual or unique reactions to various types of therapies and "one-size-does-not-fit-all" when dealing with these issues.


1) This is a private forum. Nothing posted to this forum may be reproduced, reprinted or forwarded to anyone at anytime, in any way, shape or form. Respect the confidentiality of those on this forum, and don't discuss other people's issues with those not on the forum.

2) You are here to learn support each other from each other.

3) WHEN YOU ARRIVE ON THE FORUM, PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. The members of the list are may be sharing deep feelings about their children. Each new member should introduce themselves, even if you don't plan on joining the conversation.

4) Just as on the rest of the INCIID Community, we expect you to PLAY NICE. No hitting, biting, scratching or kicking ;-) in other words, no flames or personal attacks. Don't write anything that you would not say to a person's face. Let this be a forum for open, polite discussion.

5) This is a secular forum. There is a Prayer Corner for the spirtual posts. Please show sensitivity to the fact that there are people here from many different religions. Please avoid advocating one belief over another, including the belief in God vs. not believing in God.

6) The purpose of this list is to discuss parenting children with a variety of special needs from mild to severe and for parents of these children to find support and help for themselves and their families.

7) Advertising is prohibited. You may include a link to your website below your signature. Anyone who posts only to advertise will be unsubscribed.

8) Breaking any of the above rules will result in suspension from the forum.

If you have any suggestions for the forum, please send them to us.