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    We are formalizing the information we ask for when there is a request to join the Special Needs Forum. We are doing this as an added protection for those who interact here on a regular basis. If you think there is anything else we should ask, please email us. Thanks

    Thanks for you inquiry about INCIID's Special Needs Forum. This is a restricted forum.

    Because of the demanding and difficult task living with and treating a variety of special needs related issues in children, the experiences people share here are deeply personal. Those who are not familiar some of the specials needs of these children and may not fully understand and could possibly respond inappropriately. For these reasons, we want to ensure that everyone on this forum really belongs here.

    To protect the privacy of the list members, the Special Needs Forum is not open to professionals or therapists who are not parenting special needs children.

    In order to keep the forum as safe a place as possible, it is necessary to screen prospective members. The best way to do this is to have you tell me about your specific concerns regarding your child. I would like to assure you that this information is confidential, and is reviewed only by the moderator(s).

    Please also include:

    Your full name(s):
    INCIID User Name:

    Child(ren)'s name:

    City of residence:



    Current Age of Child:
    If you child is adopted ---
    Dates and places of adoption and age at the time of adoption:

    Age of other brothers, sisters in the family:

    Diagnosis if any:

    Specific Concerns regarding your child/ren:

    Please be sure to introduce yourself when joining the forum.
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