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Thread: my ivf cost $37,000!

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    Default my ivf cost $37,000!

    Hi! I am new here. I had ivf performed in sept and have received the bills totalling $37,000! I am completely taken aback. I went in for a consult and was advised 12-15,000. The blood lab bill alone was $11,000! What do I do? I have an appointment for the exit interview on Wed of this week. The going rate for one IVF cycle here is betw 10 and 17,000. I am a cash paying pt and cannot afford this. Thanks for any help.

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    Default I hope this isn't too late...

    Sherry -

    Those bills can really make you nauseous, can't they? I'm sorry. I would ask a ton of questions. It's possible that they double billed you for something or that they were planning on sending something to insurance and didn't realize that you were paying for it. I would make certain that your bill is really what you owe.

    We had a similar situation with an ICSI IVF cycle and found out that we shouldn't have been charged everything that we were. For the follow-up FET cycle, I got the billing department's email address and nit-picked everything to make sure that was correct. We ended up paying less than we "should have" because of duplicate treatment that we refused, etc. for that FET cycle.

    Good luck - and let us know how things turned out for you.

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    Default alot of money

    Hi there,

    Since you already had the procedure done you legally owe the money. However just go in the office and tell them you can't pay the bill all at once. Tell them you have to set up a payment plan or they won't get paid at all.

    I just found out I have to do IVF and ICSI totaling $20,000 for 1 try. lol. I have been calling everywhere I can think of trying to get financial help. Husband had cancer so we have no choice. Insurance covers NO treatment. I feel your pain.

    Be super careful from now on and get quotes before doing these large financial commitments.

    Good luck!

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