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Thread: Cute election moment (kids)

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    Default Cute election moment (kids)

    My kids picked up on my excitement over the election, and we had lots of discussions about why I support Obama, as well as the historical significance of electing the first AA president. So they were running around the house last night yelling "O-bama! O-bama!" My DS (8) was freaking out when the first two states came in (Kentucky for McCain, Vermont for Obama) and the numbers were higher for McCain. Had to explain the whole electoral college thing to him...

    They were in bed before the results were final, so this morning when I was helping DD brush her teeth I said "Barack Obama won! Do you know what that means?"

    Without missing a beat, she answered: "Yeah, we don't have to move!"

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    I was trying to explain the electoral college thing to my kids on the way home from the movies. They were struggling with it and asking a lot of questions. Then dh pipes up and says, "Heck, even I am confused."

    My 8 yo decided they should get rid of it because if we had done it by straight voting, we'd have had Gore as President the past 8 years. Smart kid. ;-)

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