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Thread: Do each of your children get individual birthday cakes?

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    So far we've always done joint cakes (boys now 5) - parties not big enough to support 2 cakes, and as I always make them myself (incl a pirate ship one year!), I was not able to do two! Boys have never minded.

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    Default so... how do you decide which one you sing to (m)

    first? i know this sounds crazy, but we never thought of doing that... and now that i have, i wonder what i would do...

    at school they get to be leader on or around the day of their birthday... last year the teacher asked me if i wanted them celebrated together or on separate days... i said separate days - which i am still pretty sure is the right answer altho' it means two days of cupcakes instead of one... but i angsted this year that damon would be upset because his leader day was NOT on their birthday, and came after his brother's...

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    Default One cake..

    my boys are 3 now. We have always done just one cake. I put candles on each end for them to blow out. When they get a little older I may offer to have separate cakes, but they really dont care. They just want to eat the icing anyway. With two boys I can usually get them to agree on a theme. I like the cupcake idea! Or make them each an individual mini cake to go with the store bought one.

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