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    Every time I think I am okay, something hits a nerve and the sadness of my miscarriage hits me all over again. My best friend and I were due 9 days apart and another friend's due date was a month after mine. Now they are starting to show and feel their babies move, and I have no baby growing inside me. I want to be there for them and support them, but it hurts so much. I fee like an awful friend. How will I get through this?


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    I lost my baby on Nov 6th. I know and feel exactly how you do. My partners sister was exactly as far along as I was, and we were anticipating having our children around the same time. Now she is pregnant and I am not. I hope that I dont turn into this bitter Betty that is envious of her process, since it would be a mirror image of what I would have been going through. Every day seems to be harder than the next. I wish this never happened to me.

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