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Thread: Twin DS saw a Ped Neuro. Today...

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    Default Twin DS saw a Ped Neuro. Today...

    DH took Twin 2 1/2 yr old DS to see a Pediatric Neurologist today per the referral of his Developmental Pediatrician (for weak center core and toe walking). He did different tests and one was to see his range of motion pointing his toes up from a standing position. His range was 5%. It should be 35%. This and the toe walking could be the reason for his strong calves. He wants to do some blood work (creatine kinase (CK), and an MRI (under sedation in December) to rule out MS and/or CP or MD (DH did not remember what?) The doctor did not seem concerned but, wants to rule the aforementioned conditions. He also said Joey did not have any spectrum of Autism whatsoever due to his social interactment and empathy. The doctor said it may or may not be due to the fact that he was born at 32w2d. He said 30 weeks is when he really sees problems. DH asked him if any of this would be related to his speech delay. The doctor gave me answers that dealt w/different ranges and degrees of speech delay. We will know more once we get the 2 tests done.

    Can anyone shed some light on any of this for me?

    Huggs - Gail

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    Sorry, I'm no help but just wanted to say (((hugs))). I hope you get some answers soon. Update when you can.

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