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Thread: Any advice on getting rid of a painful bleb...m

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    Default Any advice on getting rid of a painful bleb...m

    I've never had one of these before, I've tried heat, nursing and tried to scrape it off, which just made it hurt more. Anything I can do to get rid of it, nursing on that side is VERY painful......... Thanks!

    Lori & Jace

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    DO you have a block along with the bleb?

    What worked for me was a steaming hot bath, firm massage in the tub with some oil and then I would try and strip the plug out of the nipple by squeezing the area just behind the nipple and pulling towards the nipple. Once I could see the plug near the surface, I would sort of pinch it out. Try not to damage the skin if you can manage it because the last 2 plugs I had resulted in a persistent crack for 2 to 3 months. I just healed the last one.

    You could also try an olive oil soaked cotton ball left next to the nipple to soften the bleb or some other softening agent, lanolin, bactroban, polysporin in a thickish layer covered by a square of saran wrap. This is what finally healed my last crack. I used bactroban but expect that polysporin might have worked too.

    I will email you some more info


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