Holt turned 4 in October, his hand flapping has always ebbed and flowed. But now he is flapping more, and grinding his teeth during the day.
Of course if I ask his teachers if they notice they will say no, but they never notice anything He also refuses to go near a potty outside of the school setting. At school he readily stands near the urinal but in neither setting has ever peed in the potty!

Grant my 9 yer old makes a lot of weird sounds. At first I thought Tourettes related but now not sure. He does it mainly at home, walking around making animal sounds-bird, pig, dog. He seems unable to stop if you ask him to stop.

I figure that both boys are just exhibiting behavior typical to Autism, but as said the school NEVER notices anything. Just not sure if this is what typical kids do?

They both have dx already, Aspergers, and PDD-nos-at least medical dx. The school system still will not acknowledge Holt's dx-they have him as SDD(significantly developmentally delayed), and just in May finally changed Grant's label to autism. Though I think they do not want to truly acknowledge it still.

Sorry to ramble,